Richard Flint - Judge

Richard Flint

Flutter Entertainment
Richard Flint has had a high profile in the UK online gambling industry as executive chairman and CEO of the Leeds-based operator Sky Betting & Gaming and has managed Sky's online betting and gaming operations since 2002.
Roger Parkes - Judge

Roger Parkes

Roger Parkes has been involved in the gambling industry for nearly 30 years. He has been both regulator and operator in the online and offline sectors in jurisdictions including Australia, New Zealand, Egypt, Greece, Alderney and the UK.


Sarah Ramanauskas

Sarah Ramanauskas

Gambling Integrity
Sarah Ramanauskas is Senior Partner, Audit and Research at Gambling Integrity, a group of expert consultants in player protection and financial crime.
Simon Oaten - Judge

Simon Oaten

Deloitte LLP
Simon Oaten is a Partner in the Travel, Hospitality and Leisure advisory practice at Deloitte, specialising in the hospitality and gaming sectors. He is the Deloitte member of the World Economic Forum Travel and Tourism Competitiveness panel.


Trevor DG - Judge

Trevor De Giorgio

Dr Trevor De Giorgio is currently employed at Greentube as Chief Legal Officer, in May 2019 Trevor won the Gambling Compliance award as Chief Compliance Officer of the Year.


Willem van Oort - Judge

Willem van Oort

Gaming in EU
Willem van Oort has a huge amount of experience in the gambling industry and is the founder of Gaming in EU, as well as being the founder and CEO of GranViaOnline.