How to Enter the Awards

How to Enter
Nominations Open March 28 and close June 30, 2022

To enter a category for the Global Regulatory Awards 2022, you simply need to register your account on AwardStage.

For more information on submitting your nominations, download the nomination information sheet here.



All submissions will go directly to the judging panel via a bespoke third-party awards judging platform.

Nominations are open to organisations and companies wishing to nominate their own employees, and to third parties who wish to nominate individuals they have worked with, and whose work they value.


Companies entering must meet the general eligibility criteria detailed in each category (see ‘What the judges will be looking for guidelines in each category above)

The period of qualification is deemed to be 2021 - 2022

Each category has its own judging criteria and specific eligibility. Your entry must comply with these criteria as they will form the basis of the way each nomination is scored.

NB: The judges reserve the right to re-allocate an entry to a more appropriate category where applicable.


The awards are open to all companies and firms in the gambling and payments industry, so please take a look and enter into any categories that you feel apply to you.

Each entry should consist of the following elements:

  1. In no more than 250 words for each, please answer the below four questions.

(You should use the questions to cross-reference to the individual category criteria to ensure your emphasis is correct - the judges will score against these).

    a. Why is your company entering this award category?

    b. What has the individual/company nominated done to qualify for this award?

    c. What benefits to your company and its customers can be illustrated as a result?

    d. What measurements of success best illustrate why your company/individual should win this award?

2. A separate synopsis of no more than 250 words, summarising the key points.

3. A high-resolution company logo.


We encourage all entrant to submit evidence - additional documents can be submitted in the form of PDF, Sheets, Doc, Powerpoint, or Vector files.

To enter a category for the GamblingCompliance Global Regulatory Awards 2021 simply register your account on AwardStage.