Compliance Rising Star Special Award

2018 Winners

A special award, this category recognises the achievements of an individual that represents the future generation in the field of responsible gambling. An individual who has emerged most successful as a new player in the industry and has raised the profile of their organisation, creating a culture of compliance as their career progresses.

What the judges will be looking for
For this special award, the judges will be looking for an individual who represents the future generation of responsible gambling and compliance. This person could be a lawyer representing operators in the gambling industry, an individual from an operator who is raising the profile of compliance in their organisation, a regulator who has engaged with the industry in a positive way, or a consultant who has advised the industry in a proactive manner throughout their short career.

This is an important award, so the judges will be looking for evidence of an individual who has really made an impact. They will want to see anecdotal references in support of the submission.